Sunday, 13 January 2013

Should I be worried?

I might have a problem. Its possible I may be fast becoming the Imelda Marcos of running shoes. Hannah is not particularly impressed with my monopolising the porch.  Seriously though, each shoe has its purpose and, to be honest, one pair are on the way out.

The theory goes that by rotating the shoes you run in you add some variety into the way your feet hit the ground during the week. This, combined with different terrain, distance and speeds, helps reduce the likely-hood of developing injury from all those repetitive impacts. And of course its working; I haven't been injured at all recently (yeah, right!).

So, from the top down:

New balance Minimus MR00 - minimal almost (but not really) "barefoot" shoes.  These are for shorter runs up to 10k and speed work.  The thinking here is less shoe helps develop foot strength.  I love 'em; I'll be writing about them very soon in more detail.

Next, Brooks pureflow - 4mm heel lift and fairly minimal structure (which I like) but enough cushioning to get me through a road marathon.  Ran a 1/2 marathon in them straight out of the box so I reckon they'll do.

Third is the Roclite 315 - these are my new trail shoes.  Not worn them yet other than around the garden.  Meant to be the most durable shoes on the market.  They certainly look the part and are light but fairly supportive. I intend to run the Classic Quarter in these.

Finally, my old pair of Saucony Peregrin 2 trail shoes.  I've run every trail run I've done this and last year in these shoes.  They are a good shoe, though durability is an issue.

I'm going to review the lot in the next few weeks.  In keeping with other, more successful, blogs I must point out that none are marketing samples supplied for free so my reviews will be wholly my own opinion and not biased in any way.  If anyone from Asics, Adidas, Brooks, Inov-8, Mizuno, New balance, Saucony, Salamon or any other manufacturer wants to supply me with free shoes in future I will be happy to oblige with a review from a Mr average, middle of the pack, middle aged no-hoper.

I won't be holding my breath.

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