Friday, 19 April 2013

Foot developments

After feeling like my foot was improving a bit I had to finally admit that I wasn't recovering from each successive run and that some rest was in order.  Two weeks with no running has seen some improvement but its still not healed.  In fact the pain seems to be moving forward a little so at least something is progressing.

Its now seven weeks to Classic Quarter so not running for two weeks is far from ideal.  I've been out cycling a bit, only time will tell how useful that is at maintaining the right kind of fitness for running.  Judging by how my legs felt after last weekend I'm certainly using very different muscles than when I run; I felt like I was walking like John Wayne for about three days!

Today I went back to see Steve Bloor at Runright.  I now have a new diagnosis and a different orthotic.  Still aiming at rehab rather than a permanent solution - this one feels very built up but allows the outside of my foot to drop into a kind of trough and ease the pressure on the affected area.

Good news is Steve says I can run, so this next week I'll be doing just that.  I should have some idea by the end of the week as to whether I can handle the kind of training load I need to get me to the Classic Quarter.  If not then I'll have to bail and find something else to do.  Knitting maybe.

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