Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Make do and mend

At the bottom of a hill on a narrow trail during the initial miles of the South Devon Ultra, I stumbled, literally, on an inescapable truth: lightweight fabrics come at a cost. Be it financial (it be!) or through sacrificing other properties, you pay a price for the lightest garments.

And so, in crashing wildly across the path in the face of a howling gale I, or rather my newly purchased Montane Minimus Smock, came into sharp contact with a still sharper bush; the bush won and I ran from the scene with a T-shaped gash in the arm of my latest purchase.

Needless to say at the time I was pretty annoyed; especially as this was four miles into a thirty two mile race in hideous condition but also because I knew I couldn't afford to run out (sorry!) and spend another hundred plus pounds on a replacement.

In the hours following the race I thought of Duct taping the hole closed, but reckoning this was likely to be temporary at best and unlikely to pass muster at certain upcoming events I aspire to running, I decided to see what Google had to offer.

A quick search suggested LSR (Lancashire Sports Repairs) would be my best option and so I completed the form and sent off my top to be worked on.

Now admittedly it took two weeks, though they did warn me of this up front, but I have to say I'm pretty bloody pleased with the result. Stitched and taped, the repair is as good as any seam on the jacket and cost me twenty eight quid. I think that's worth it.

Just hope I don't rip the other arm next week!

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