Friday, 7 December 2012

Handy tool to cut through workout jargon

Having recently started a marathon training plan and struggled to know the difference between a tempo run and a fartlek, much less why I would want to do one or the other I found yesterday's post by Jason at Strength running to be very useful.  He's created a free e-book called "52 workouts, 52 weeks".

This aims to provide the reader with some variation in a stagnated schedule by offering a variety of workouts from long runs to sprints.  As Jason says, doing one per week and working through the book is not the name of the game; rather we should pick routines that suit the goal in mind and use them appropriately.

To me though this book also serves to underline what a tempo run should represent (i.e. how hard compared to a normal run), how exactly to complete a run that my plan describes as "Start slow, finish fast" and just how many seconds I should consider sprinting up a hill before I can stop and jog back down again.

So its really a good tool for beginners, uninformed intermediates and jaded experts it seems.  

The e-book is here

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