Sunday, 2 June 2013

Extreme Tapering

I've had a bad back for a few weeks. Nothing too serious but enough to send me to the Osteopath on Friday. He suggested laying off running for the final week before the Classic Quarter. 

Initially I wasn't keen on the idea, after all its just a niggle right? But then I thought, what do I really have to gain from running ten miles today and a few short miles in the week? I'm tapering anyway, easing off from the big miles of the last few weeks. And what do I have to lose? If I run and I'm fine then I gain very little, but if it hurts then, psychologically, I add a week of stress and worry about how things will pan out on the day. I already have enough worries without adding to them. So I will sit back, relax, rest, eat well and await the big day. 

Incidentally the weather forecast is suggesting hot and sunny for next Saturday. Not ideal, but better than a deluge.

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