Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wot no training schedule?

Having finished the Classic Quarter and so ended ten months of being focused on that one day I spent last week recovering while feeling a little deflated and wondering what I was going to do now I didn't have to train for an ultra any more. 

The plan I have had, more a promise really, was to lay off running long for a while.  At least to get summer out of the way without me basically not being there most Sundays.  Its tempting to break my promise and push on to another longer route - although I was hurting for a great deal of the Classic Quarter I did get a lot out of it and I am still keen to see where I could take myself with more effort.  However, for many reasons this would be absolutely the wrong thing to do.  Even if I hadn't made a promise I have to face up to reality; my body needs to rest and recuperate - I am not twenty one, I am forty one and I haven't had years of running experience to hone my frame into perfect running shape.  In short if I keep on pushing longer and longer I will start to get injured.  I already have had a good few issues this year.

So I plan train for a half marathon or two.  I was going to enter Indian Queens Half in August though I might leave that one; I am definitely planning on doing Truro again in September and maybe Bournemouth in October.  Since getting serious about running I have always been focused on running further rather than faster so it will be good to concentrate on a single distance and see if I can get a vaguely respectable time.

I also hope to get back into climbing, which has been on the back burner for the last six months or more.  That said, this weekend the forecast is for rain and therein lies the rub; climbing is a fair weather sport whereas running asks for little other than the will to get out and do it, so maybe I'll be running and not climbing this weekend after all.

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